How everything is made business

beauty-hero-1260x600The girl is made to worry about her freckles.

The wrinkles become all the more noticeable.

Don’t you worry we have this new anti-ageing cream that would hide all those faults and make you look younger.

Be it round face, square cut or chubby cheeks, we have a product to hide everything

A product to hide all the faults and imperfections

Use this to give the illusion of higher cheeks, slimmer nose, softer jaw line or smaller forehead

And and and it comes with a blendable satin finish

Want a permanent solution for a scar or a blemish?

Wish to look fairer?

Not happy with your crooked nose?

A minor surgery would serve your problem

Tired of looking overweight, this slim tea would reduce your weight pronto

They make you feel that you are missing out on something.

They make you feel inferior to others.

They steal you off your confidence and self esteem.

They beat you down to lowest of the lows.

If we were content with what we had how could their business grow?

They make you worry about every small thing

They resent happiness.

They resent nature’s abundance showered upon us.

They are against the natural.

They gain and grow only by making you feel unhappy for yourself.

Their world is increasingly designed to depress us.

We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it.


We got to rise from this slumber. Look at yourself in the mirror .

Focus on how beautiful you are.

Clear your thoughts of the negative

Appreciate whatever you have been gifted with.

Radiate positivity.

Praise those around you.

Smile .Wear a bit of confidence

Yeah that confidence is what will make you different .

Hit them back.

And the revolution has already begun.

True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in kindness we offer to others.Beauty should not be culturally relevant.It should be universal.

– Alek Wek


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