Combating transience


We all go through change in our lives.According to me life is all about climbing the mountain rather than walking on a plateau . This is a poem I wrote last night on how the nature around teaches us to face these changes rather than giving up .


Standing under the endless sky azure

Why things end, I’m quite unsure

Leaving people behind to sulk and cry

They cease to exist and die


As through various shades of life I whirl

Trying to find my normal in a changing world

That’s dear to me don’t take that away

Days had been good I used to swing and sway


Here comes another change, I role and swirl

All at once my universe seems to explode and scatter

HELP! Is somebody out there?

Grieving for what is gone, brimming with dismay


There came the wind, into my ear it blow

Change is normal, just go with the flow

Followed it the storm marked by force and tumult

Show them your temper, use revenge and destruction as your catapult


Somebody bawled from above, the sky came to my aid

“Ask me about change”, it said

Being arid and dry to be sopping in a flash

I roar and growl as lightning makes a dash

Bearing the torrid sun I stand stronger than before

From struggle comes strength, at night I shine galore


For that was the day I learnt

Normal is colourless, life becomes monotonous

A riveting story is marked by change

Adapt and grow, newer things to embrace.







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