A different outlook

Everyday we come across different people and situations. New relations are built, feelings change ,friends turn into foes , acquaintances fade into oblivion. Some are intensely affected by others but for some it is no big deal.This read would would render a different perspective to situations in daily life.A mantra that caused a change in my mindset years back.

It starts with a simple rule “In any fault that you find in a person or any bad experience look at the opposite thing that it is teaching you.”


Anger should teach you composure and equilibrium.Instead of being caught up in the frisson of ire and furor be cool-headed and let the feelings of rage fade away.In the same way hatred teaches you the importance of  unconditional love.Delusion and deceit teach you whom to trust .Obstacles on you way should foster patience and endurance.If abandoned by someone, you learn being on your own and being self sufficient. Fear teaches you courage.Being entrapped in an illness teaches you the need for good health.Things not in your control teach you how to let go.


So everything in life needs to balance rather than compiling and being intensified.Instead of being the piece of land that wears off every time water touches its feet, you got to nurture life and deepen your roots.So take out the negative and counterpoise it with the positive and notice how beautiful life is.


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